Tax Reform

Much of the heavy tax burden we face in our district and the state could be alleviated if we fully funded education and reformed pensions. Property taxes are causing many to leave the state reducing the number of taxpayers and thus tax revenue. Increasing the tax burden on the rich as proposed by J.B. Pritzker's "fair tax" will only exacerbate the problem. We need to keep the flat tax system we have until we can come up with a better idea to increase tax revenue through natural growth in income for our residence.

A concept that is being circulated on the national level is a "consumption tax." that would help unleash the economic engine of Illinois. It would not penalize people for what they make or the value of their homes, condominiums, or rentals. Citizens would control the amount of taxes they pay based on how much they spend. A consumption tax is a plan we should at least look into.

Education Reform

To achieve better educational outcomes, we must not only change the way we fund our education system; but also improve what we offer and the quality of what is provided. This includes the need for vocational schools that teach students a marketable skill. We also need to allow more charter and private school access through opportunity grants, which give parents and students a diversity of choices, not the current one size fits all. These alternative schools also give teachers more choices for employment.

Family Stability

Family stability is vital for the prosperity of our communities. That is why tax reform and education reform are essential to the security of the nuclear family. Evidence has shown that a reduction in juvenile delinquency, out of wedlock births, abortion, and healthy, happy homes makes for a healthy, happy community. Likewise, these communities are more likely to attract more business opportunities and development.

Consequently, it is incumbent upon both state and local governments to generate a public policy that helps sustain the family, and not destroy it.

Government Reform

The first letter in the R.I.S.E. Principles stands for responsible government. This means that the Government learns to operate within the parameters set by our constitution and the revenues at our disposal. Tax cuts, not tax increases, should be the first option on the table for addressing budgetary shortfalls.

In accordance with the spending and revenue issues, we need to make sure that all public policy takes into account the unintended consequences of all policy proposals. All public policies have pros and cons, and as stated above, all policies should be family-friendly.

Lastly, every effort should be made to discourage corruption in our political process. The cost of corruption in Illinois and Springfield, especially, is a cost we can no longer afford to bear.

Next Steps...

Rising to build a better future starts today, and it begins with you!