In the book of Nehemiah, a cupbearer of the same name is burdened by a report that comes to him from his home in Jerusalem. He is told that the city is still in ruins, the walls are in disrepair, and the gates are burned down. Nehemiah (concern for his city and what it means to the testimony of God) prays and repents for both the sins of his people and for his own personal sin. Then, Nehemiah asks God for the favor of the King.

Nehemiah is granted permission, provision, and protection from the King of Persia. He then goes to Jerusalem to examine its conditions for himself. After, which he explains to those living in Jerusalem the burden of his heart and the commission from the King; to which the people respond in Nehemiah 2:18 “Let us Rise up and Build.”

Illinois is in disrepair because of mismanagement and corruption. And, like Nehemiah, my heart is burdened, I am running for State Senate in the 40th District to help us rebuild the moral fiber of our state and culture. My hope is that the residence of the 40th district will R.I.S.E. for a New Beginning and rebuild the walls that decades of corruption and mismanagement have torn down.

Short Bio


In 2006, Wallace ran for State Senate in Illinois’ 19th district. Dr. Wallace’s campaign drew the attention of news sources and politicians. Over the last few years, he has served on the African American Advisory Board for the RNC, as the Chairman of the African American Republican Council of Illinois, as a member of the Outreach Advisory Board for the Illinois GOP, and as Co-Chairman of the Cook County Republican Party. He has also served as a commissioner on the Illinois Transatlantic Slave Trade Commission and on the Village of Matteson’s Planning & Zoning Commission. More recently Wallace was a candidate for U.S. Representative in the 2nd Congressional district election in 2014.

Eric was born in Chicago to John and Dr. Joan Wallace and has two adult sons. He has lived in the Chicagoland area off and on for over 35 years. He and his wife Jennifer now reside in Flossmoor IL.

Ministry and Business

In 2008 Dr. Wallace began publishing Freedom’s Journal Magazine, an online political magazine, aimed at encouraging African-Americans to cling to their natural conservative principles. He has authored two books: Integrity of Faith, an autobiography, and Jesus on Trial: The unique presentation of Jesus in the Gospel of John. Both books are published by Integrity Books, the imprint of Freedom’s Journal Institute which was co-founded with his wife Jennifer.


Dr. Eric Wallace couples his rich educational background with a unique ability to challenge the status quo. His post-graduate degrees in Biblical Studies (MA, ThM, Ph.D.), together with his passion and strong message are inspiring exciting change. Eric holds the distinction of being the first African American to earn a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Union-PSCE.

Other Service

Dr. Eric Wallace has served as a police officer and in the Army National Guard. He is also an active member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated where his father John H. Wallace was a life member for over 65 years.

Meet the Team

The full slate of my advisors and campaign staff is coming soon!

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Booker T Washington


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