Wallace receives endorsement from the Chicago Tribune

Wallace receives endorsement from the NFIB

Wallace receives endorsement from the Will County Deputy Sheriffs

Wallace receives endorsement from the Illinois Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors Inc.

Wallace receives endorsement from the Illinois Federation for Right to Life

Wallace receives endorsement from the United Southland Republican Women

Wallace receives endorsement  from the Kankakee County GOP Central Committee 

Wallace Receives Endorsement from AARC of Illinois

Tax burden

Tax Reform

The Tax burden on the citizens of Illinois is unbearable. From rising property taxes, to inflated gasoline taxes, sales taxes and a new proposal to raise the income tax, which combined are suffocating the economic engine of the State and our district.

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Teacher helping elementary school reading group

Education Reform

The state of Illinois has at least three barriers to education reform. One, how we pay for our public school system. Second, is the quality of education coming from our schools. And third, is the lack of diversity in our educational offerings.

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Family Stability

Family Stability

Public policy, whether at the local, state or federal level, should always be about stabilizing the family. When the state of our families becomes a priority; then our neighborhoods, schools, communities, villages, townships, counties and eventually our state becomes more stable.

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Aren't You Exhausted?

The celebrated author and social commentator Dr. Shelby Steele once said, ‘People will change when they are exhausted with their suffering.’ He asserted this within the context of the Civil Rights movement, however, I believe it is still applicable today.

For decades Illinois has been entangled in Chicago style politics with its corrupt politicians employing ‘pay to play’ tactics to advance their political careers. Their mismanagement of state government has caused Illinoisans to suffer under the highest property taxes in the country, failing schools, ballooning budgets, crippling business growth and opportunity prompting many to leave the state. 

The only way to transform our communities, and Illinois, is for the residents of the 40th state senate district to R.I.S.E. up out of our suffering for a fresh new start. We must R.I.S.E. for a New Beginning. It’s time for those who live in Illinois State Senate District 40 to respond the way the inhabitants of Jerusalem responded to Nehemiah’s call to rebuild its walls. They said in unison, “Let us rise up and build” (Nehemiah 2:18 ESV). And, just as they united to bring transformation in their day, it will take all of us to fight against the moral and spiritual culture of corruption to rebuild our State and District.

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